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Making Good Vehicle Lifts Even Better With Additional Auto Lift Parts

Amateur and professional mechanics need their vehicle lifts, but the little flaws this equipment can have makes a job very frustrating. With some brands, a design flaw prevents them from working their best or causes it to wear out faster. It may just be that certain parts are showing strain and will eventually become dangerous if they are not replaced. In either case, a large number of auto lift parts exist that can repair the equipment. You can eliminate the little hassles associated with them and make your repairs more efficient.

Twin Post Equalizer Assemblies

Some vehicle lifts have certain design flaws that make them unstable and dangerous to use. Some systems have a low equalizer box that is constantly exposed to moisture and chemicals from the floor. This causes the system to rust and cease.

You can solve this problem in several different ways. You can replace it with a new one, which would be a shame since the rest of it will likely be fine. The lift can be dug up and you can have the damage equalizer box replaced. This also works, but it does require some down time and added expense. Lastly, you can purchase special auto lift parts known as twin post equalizer assemblies to sturdy them and eliminate the problem in a single step.

Water And Moisture Removal

Having in-ground vehicle lifts means there is a constant battle with water. If you fail to keep the water out, the corrosion and rust that results will quickly eat away at the machine's lifespan. Auto lift parts such as 'Aqua-Out' and other water removal systems work to automatically eliminate moisture and prevent build up each time the system is lowered. This can be an added expense, but it is far more economical than replacing the entire thing more often than you should. As an added benefit, you no longer have to stop and pump out the moisture on a regular basis.


When vehicle lifts are designed and produced, they are made specifically for the vehicles that are available at the time. This meets the needs of the mechanics at the time, but what happens when the design of the vehicles change? Heavy-duty trucks and busses are a good example of this.

Auto lift parts such as adaptors are the best way to service new models without being concerned for your safety. Some of these are available premade to fit a specific brand and style of machine. However, you may want to consider custom-made adaptors. These are created for a specific piece of equipment and machine to ensure you get the level of clearance, safety, and convenience needed to perform quality repairs.

Twin post equalizer assemblies, adaptors, and water removal systems are just a few of the auto lift parts that can make your vehicle lifts safe and alleviate the frustration of working with a system that no longer meets your needs. You will find these items will pay for themselves repeatedly.

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Christine O'Kelly is an author for the auto lift parts provider, SVI International. They specialize in vehicle lifts of all kinds including heavy duty and car lifts. SVI International offers efficient shipping and quality customer service for customers of all sizes.

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Integra body kits-Get the Coolest Body Kit for Your Integra

Need beautiful modifications for your Integra? Then buy a Integra body kit designed to lift the entire look of your car from dull to exuberant!

Integra body kits are exterior modifications available for your cars to enhance its look and performance. If you are bored of the look of your Integra, then the best solution to revive its once prestigious look is to dress it with a body kit.

Body kits can be easily found almost anywhere. But if you want to save on gas, you can just buy from home through the internet. Several online stores are selling quality Integra body kits. A word of caution though, deal only with online stores that have an excellent reputation. Scammers are everywhere and you cannot afford to be victimized especially when many others who are not careful were already fooled. Avoid this by doing a background check and see if the store has been associated with any malicious activities. It is also wise if the store has a Better Business Bureau seal because having such seal means that the store has to be honest because some organization is monitoring it.

When you have already found which body kits online store is the most ideal for you, then you can now choose between a urethane or a fiberglass. Fiberglass body kits can easily be broken and be repaired. Urethane, on the other hand, can highly resist damage but once broken, cannot be repaired. Depending on what appeals to you best, either of the two can be very useful in pimping your car.

Installing the kits is very easy. Either you do it by yourself or have someone install it for you. Local body shops can install for you. All you have to do is sit back and chill, letting them do the work in beautifying your car.

About the Author

Louie Liu has been in the car aftermarket products industry for 5years. He has deep knowledge of a wide range of products including knowledge of benefits of body kits and other products, product options and how to choose a car aftermarket product. You can learn about a wide range of body kits and other car aftermarket products at his site

Mazda Body Kits--Factors to Consider when Buying Body kits

Because of the high demand for vehicle alteration intended to improve a car's look and performance, the availability of body kits like Mazda body kits have been widespread. Body kits are exterior modifications to your car, making it look more cooler and attractive. Body kits emphasize and enhance the already striking feature of your Mazda allowing it to adapt to varying weather and road conditions.

Though many people think that body kits are only made for those who want to personalize their vehicle, body kits can also boost a vehicle's performance such as to increase traction, give better swerving movements, and promote further aerodynamics.

Though body kits are designed to make you feel satisfied, you won't be if you do not know what to consider in buying a body kit. Many people commit the mistake of buying a body kit that does not fit their vehicle. Just because they like how it will look, they will already buy it without considering if it really matches the exact specification of their cars. I cannot stress anymore that before you buy a body kit, make certain that it is made exactly for the make and model of your car.

Another thing you need to know when purchasing a kit are the materials body kits are made of. Body kits are composed of either fiberglass or urethane. Urethane is dent resistant and cannot be repaired. Fiberglass on the other hand, is prone to cracks but can be repaired. Furthermore, while Urethane can stand cold and rough places, fiberglass can't. Choose the type of body kit you will purchase based on the kind of surrounding you have.

When you have received the body kit, have it installed to the nearest body shop. You can install the Mazda body kits by yourself but it is better if you just sit back and relax while watching the pros paint and install the kits for you.

So there. If you want to improve the look and feel of your Mazda, then buy a good investment with the aid of these reminders. Considering these reminders will not only save you from disappointment, it will also help you arrive in an informed decision of getting the best body kit for your Mazda.

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NSX Body Kits- Change the personality of your vehicle

Feel that the look of your NSX sports car is not enough to match your dazzling personality? Well, with NSX body kits, your NSX will surely capture the look of anyone, wherever you go.

Though the design and the appearance of Acura NSX is already remarkable, it is not enough to suit anyone's uniqueness. An NSX body kit will allow you to create a look that you can truly own, patterned to your own personality. Aside from that, NSX body kits will also enhance the performance and aerodynamics of your car.

Depending on your needs, several online stores carry a large selection of NSX body kits from 1991 to 2005. Buying in an online store proves to be cheaper and convenient than going outside your home to look for reputable shops that sell affordable body kits. Bear in mind though that buying in online stores should also be done carefully. The internet is not a safe place, if you do not know what you are doing, anyone can just manipulate you and get away with your money. Extreme carefulness is advised when doing transactions online. Make sure that the online store you will be dealing with is a member of Better Business Bureau. Otherwise, forget that shop and move on to the next shop you are going to find. Money is not easy to earn, therefore, you should take the necessary precautions to avoid being ripped off.

The next thing you need to do after finding a reputable store is decide which kind of body kit is suited for your needs. Usually, there are only two kinds of body kit. One is made of urethane, and the other fiberglass. The two is a very different in the sense that urethane is highly resistant to damage, but once damaged, can never be repaired. And fiberglass is prone to damages but can be repaired. Depending on where you live, these two materials guarantee quality.

After deciding on the material, you now have to decide on who will install the kit. Will it be you or a local body shop? If you do not know anything about body kits, then it is a better idea to pay a little sum of money and let the experts install it for you. Do not play Johnny-know-all it will only delay the process and might ruin the look of your car. Better if you just trust the experts and chillax.

When the experts are done installing body kits to your car, do not be too overwhelmed about the transformation of your car, reserve it later when you have double checked the work of the installer. Test drive your car and see if there are any rattling sounds caused by loose bolts. If there is none, then it is time to celebrate because you now have a stylish and eye catching NSX that will be the envy of everyone who is so common!

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Dodge Magnum Body Kits

If you think your Dodge Magnum looks boring and that it needs style and vigor, then you are most probably right. Dodge Magnum body kits will help you style your boring vehicle into something worth seeing and worth driving.

As exterior modifications for your vehicle, Dodge Magnum body kits do not only beautify your Magnum, it also boosts its performance through aerodynamics. Just take for example, the movie of Paul Walker, Fast and the Furious, needless to say, the vehicles there looked cool and seemed like it's really fast. You can achieve the look and touch of such vehicle by dressing up your Magnum with a body kit.

Magnum body kits are everywhere. Look around your neighborhood shops and see which design is right for you. But if you want to save money, time and effort then you are better off with purchasing online. Be aware though, that not all online shops are reliable and honest, some are owned by scammers waiting to get a hold of your money. Do background research before deciding to make a deal with a shop. Before you purchase a Magnum body kit or any body kit for that matter. You first have to know that there are three types of body kit: wide body, bumper replacement and the lip. Depending on the style you have in mind, one of these three can really make your Magnum stylish. Aside from the types, you also need to be aware of the two materials body kits are usually made of. Body kits are mostly made of either fiberglass or urethane.

Fiberglass is for those people who live in places where the weather is fine and the road is good. Since fiberglass can break it easily, you have to exposed in places where the risk of damaging it is minimal hence, it can be only driven in places where the roads are smooth. The good thing though about fiberglass is that when it gets damaged, it can be repaired.

Unlike fiberglass, urethane is highly resistant to damages and is for those people living with harsh weather conditions. Urethane can stand cold places and is designed to withstand damages. Urethane, however, when damaged cannot be repaired. Hence, you will have to replace it.

Depending on what kind of weather conditions you have, you will have to choose one among the two. The key to a long lasting magnum is choosing the correct one that best fits you.

About the Author

Andrew Barker is a writer and car enthusiast who values creativity and imagination over the standardized.

You can find the latest in Dodge Magnum Body Kits at i love body kits

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1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod

The 1934 Ford Coupe is a great tour car when properly restored and balanced. It is one of the most collected cars in the United States. The very rare Flathead V-8 is also on display, as well as the Midnight Pontiac that was driven to victory many times by Rusty Wallace. And is typical of the time, money and sheer hard work that goes into making a work of art on wheels. At first glance, this car did not look all that different than the 1933, and ads even boasted that There is nothing experimental about this new car. It is featured a reshaped grille with a thicker surround, a more pronounced V, straight bars, and a new V-8 emblem.

This 1934 Ford Truck, adapted to run on rail, started life as a Berkshire Valley Models kit. Registered in NY state, this fiber body reproduction represents the very best in classic reproductions. As a finishing touch, Cowl lights were converted to stop/tail/directional lights using red lenses. You Build Yourself one puts you in the driver seat, with you calling the shots on just how to build, customize and accessorize your version of the American Dream. Spun aluminum fuel tank and custom fabricated grille, electric and mechanical radiator fans 1937 / 1934 dash board custom fabricated tech instruments quad series, wiring PIONEER Stereo sound with two other types of insulation/custom interior design by owner / application.

A gorgeous 1934 Ford street rod driven regularly by Jim Groves was selected as Cruiser of the Month at the July 3 cruise in of the Roaming Oldies Car Club. How many times have you wished you had an extra seat in your street rod so that you could enjoy cruising with the family, the grand kids or friends. Using a 34 roadster body to build a custom is not the most popular choice and most people probably never even think as anything but a hot rod. From on special at first glance it is a clean, classy, but then you notice the five header pipes on both sides. The most popular steering gears swapped among speed and hot rod enthusiasts was the 1934 steering gear units.

1934 Ford and need to source some spares parts for the car And it modified to fit master cylinder and new clutch system. 1949/50 Retro Rod, newly built on a nice clean 1993 T-bird, with the 3,6 liter large V6 500k Special Roadster with a title, new crate 350 V8 motor, one of the nicest one we have ever had. With this in mind, I decided to build a new car, even lighter than my trusty coupes. At first glance, the Deluxe Ford did not look all that different than the 1933, and Ford ads even boasted that there is nothing experimental about this new car. This hot rod with chopped top would be a great addition to any collection. Hot rod project pictures and information are also included, as well as info on how to build your own rotisserie.

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Ronald W. Firquain is a auto mechanic, musician, Arabian horse owner for 20 years, writer, marketer, entrepreneur, webmaster and has 18 years of computer experience. car tips

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Rat Rods- Cars and Trucks Transformed

This is a phrase that is being thrown and used mostly on classic cars and on e bay. It is a term that is used generally to describe hot rods. Better definitions of rat rods that can help you understand this term easily. Rat rods as per the purists consideration is that they are the segment of American cars that were pre-1949 and were finished in such a manner, to look like it has been fabricated by a 1940’s hot rod enthusiast. There is hardly any chrome work and the interiors are left as it is, with absence of body paint or flat black finish.

Although a general definition on which the people agree would be any well used looking American car or truck (mini vans not included). The best part about the rat rods is that you get your hands on the customization of the old car and bring on your imagination and skill to transform that old car of the pre-1949 era which most of the owners hold, considering its great value. You get a chance to share your skills with the experienced lot, who own such cars while you are transforming your own into a new one.

The creativity and skill that goes into transforming these automobiles not only develops a nice hobby but also a virtual way of living that can move around such kind of cars known as rat rods. The fun and information that one gets from customizing, and driving them onto the road, as well the companionship from others like themselves make a different lifestyle for one to enjoy life long.

If you want to be a part of such a great activity and enjoy the fun of customizing, driving such beautiful machines. You can get a lot of assistance from the World Wide Web; there are many online sites that offer different kinds of customization for your car. These sites have some great content on starting your car’s customization; you can even buy kits that help you customize your car in case you are new to this area. Such sites have specific feature to purchase you rat rod online if you want one at a certain price and even get it customized .Also, there are sections which let you know about the new parts and products launched recently for upgrading. All you need is to log on to one of these sites and enjoy the services offered by them, to create your own cool rat rod.

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Convert Your Headlights to Xenon Lights

When driving you may have noticed that many vehicles these days have much brighter headlights that the ones on your vehicle. These lights are called xenon lights. Xenon lights provide a reproduction of daylights natural spectrum so visibility of the road and what is in front of you seems much more like what you see during the day. Not only is this much easier on your eyes but it is much safer for the driver especially during hazardous conditions such as rain, fog, or snow. Xenon lights also last significantly longer than standard headlights with most having as much as ten times the lifespan. Another great benefit to xenon is although they provide you with more light they actually use less battery life than standard halogen lights. The lights are generally six to eight times more energy efficient providing you with less worry if your must use your headlights without your vehicle running or just generally care about putting less stress on your cars battery.

This newer lighting technology also makes your vehicle much more attractive and visible in the night hours. You may or may not be interested in making your vehicle having a better appeal but the safety shouldn't be considered a luxury when it comes to driving at night. When outside of a city, many vehicles do not provide the proper lighting to be able to detect foreign life or objects that obstruct the road which cause many fatal accidents every year. Almost everyone who drives at night would agree that they have experienced at least one close call that could have been prevented if they were given the brightness of day light.

Xenon lights generally come standard on higher end luxury vehicles such as Lexus, Mercedes, and BMWs. Fortunately, you don't need to spend over fifty thousand dollars to sport such a luxury. For fewer than two hundred dollars you can purchase high quality xenon light conversion kits that will generally will last the entire life of your vehicle.

Personally, I recommend that anyone that can afford to so should convert their vehicle using a xenon light conversion kit if their vehicle didn't initially come with them. The cost could easily be made up if compared to what your deductable would be in the unfortunate situation you were involved in an accident because of poor visibility. They are safer, easier on the eyes, energy efficient, and even make your vehicle much more appealing from an external view.

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Leveling Kits: Improve Gas Mileage with a Leveling Kit

Leveling kits practically avoid the spotlight when it comes to 4x4 and off-road parts, but this certainly shouldn't suggest that a leveling kit isn't an essential piece of hardware.

In fact, with gas prices as high as they are these days, many truck, Jeep, and SUV owners are looking for ways to conserve gas and lessen the impact to their wallet. This is where leveling kits come into play.

Though you might not guess, a leveling kit can actually have a decent impact on your gas mileage numbers, and knowing how it can have an effect on your suspension system can save you a bundle in both gas and maintenance costs.

How a Leveling Kit Affects Fuel Economy
When we talk about how a leveling kit impacts gas mileage, one should note that we're pleading common sense in terms of saving gas. In other words, optimizing gas mileage from the perspective of leveling kits won't produce a massive jump in MPG numbers.

Rather, leveling kit are one of the many pieces of equipment that affect gas mileage over a longer period of time, or contribute as one of many enhancements you can make to your vehicle for improved mileage in the short term.

In either case, herein, we'll discuss ways a leveling kit, or lack thereof, can affect your gas mileage.

Overview of Leveling Lift Kits
Vehicle customization is one of the most exciting parts of owning a 4x4 vehicle; however, modifying your ride can often be a complicated endeavor that can produce a wide range of unforeseen side effects.

One issue in particular that commonly plagues 4x4 enthusiasts is suspension sag. Depending on the type of vehicle you own and the lift kit you add, customization can sometimes cause a vehicle to ride with an uneven stance; that is, one end rides lower than the other.

Other factors can sometimes play a role in this as well. Even if you perform a perfectly level suspension install, additional items like heavy duty front bumpers and winches can sometimes weigh down the front end.
Aside from just plain being unsightly, an uneven stance can also affect performance over the long haul. It puts more strain on your suspension, and can also cause tires to wear faster or deflate easier.

Leveling kits are the perfect solution for eliminating sag, as they are fairly easy to install, and allow you to add those extra precious inches to even out your ride. A few inches may not seem like much, but you'd be surprised just how big of a difference a leveling kit can make.

Managing Tire Wear
It is general knowledge that front tires wear faster and deflate easier than rear tires, simply due to the added movement and strain that steering causes. Now throw in front end sag, and your front tires are wearing out even faster.

Nothing affects both on and off-road performance like uneven tires, and not to mention, gas mileage. In fact, under-inflated tires are one of the leading causes of loss in fuel economy for both everyday commuters and off-road enthusiasts.

Add a leveling kit, and suddenly your tires offer tread life and performance like they should. Leveling kits can extend tire life and reduce deflation, thereby allowing you to maximize fuel economy, and also get much improved tread life in the long run.

A Complete Overhaul
What good is having a truck or utility vehicle if you aren't putting it to work?

Using your 4x4 vehicle for towing, load-hauling, and other constructive applications is a common practice amongst truck, Jeep, and SUV owners. But putting your vehicle under great duress is another factor that impacts mileage and performance.

Enter block kits, or leveling kits that lift the rear of a vehicle. A block kit can help compensate for the added weight or load on the rear end of your vehicle, thereby lessening the strain, and allowing for more efficient all-around performance.

A vehicle with a raised rear offers less drag when towing or hauling, and more all-around stability for those really tough jobs, ultimately translating to long term gas mileage improvements.

A Matter of Inches
In the end, a few inches can make a huge difference in improving or hindering your fuel economy.
Leveling kits are just one of the many ways to ensure that you're getting the best MPG possible with your vehicle, and along with a leveling kit, the right combination of components can go a long way in improving your gas mileage.

About the Author
Billy Han is a Web Copywriter for Transamerican Auto Parts, a wholesaler of Jeep and Truck tires, wheels, leveling kits, lift kits, and leveling kit-related parts.

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Make Money With Your Classic Car, Old Truck Or Hot Rod

Classic Trucks in the movies and starring in TV Commercials!
Owners of old trucks would never deny permission for somebody to take a picture of their vehicle. Do you want to take a picture of my truck? Go ahead. Next time don't even ask.

Let's suppose somebody came up to you and asked for permission to take a picture of your classic truck to publish in a magazine or a website. Would you refuse? Of course not. You're proud of your truck and you want the whole world to see it.

But there are people who don't want to have their classic trucks photographed or filmed. They spend a lot of time fixing their trucks, they go to car shows to show off what they have and yet they refuse to have their trucks filmed or photographed. It doesn't make sense and it's not very smart either. Maybe they don't need the money.

Now let's suppose you had a chance of having your truck filmed for a TV commercial or, better yet, for a movie! How great would that be?
Let's also suppose that some TV producer decided to create a new series based on the 1940's, 1950's or 1960's. Wouldn't he(she) need a lot of cars from those eras? And if the series became a hit the vehicles would be used again and again.

Yeah. It it possible and it's not even too hard. You just have to promote your vehicle in the right places. There are companies out there looking for vehicles exactly like yours. Many companies in fact. They look for classic trucks for sale and they buy them. They look for classic cars of all types and they pay rent to the car owners in order to film the cars. There are companies that go after owners of vintage trucks in order to list these vehicles in large databases.

Advertising agencies put ads in the papers when they need an old car or pickup truck for a TV commercial. Keep your eyes open because your big chance may come from that direction. If you have a good set of pictures of your little jewel you're one step closer to fame and fortune. Well, may be not fortune but fame is possible...

A movie production company may need classic trucks just like yours. They might need your truck to spend, say, three days in Hollywood and a week on location in New York. They would make the arrangements to have the vehicle transported to both places and might even be willing to pay for your expenses to go along. You would see how a movie is made and you could even end up meeting a couple of famous movie stars just because you own an antique truck.

The producer of a movie or a TV commercial may be looking for a beautifully restored old car, one that looks like it came out of the showroom a couple of days ago. But directors want their films to look real. Therefore they may need a regular classic vehicle, one that shows it's been used. And they might even need a real wreck, a rust bucket so to speak. Your chances are real no matter what condition your truck is in. Don't be ashamed of it. Go ahead and try.

And how does this thing work? First you have to find an agent, a company that has the contacts and knows where to go with your truck pictures. Get listed on their databases and be patient. You might get a call the following morning but it could also take a couple of years.

Here are a few suggestions of sites you can visit to learn more about this Cornwell & Sheridan Motor Cars

If you're really committed to the idea of having your vehicle on a movie or a TV commercial you may do what actors do. Have a professional photographer take a series of shots of the vehicle and send them to advertising agencies or talent agencies. Even wedding planners may be interested in your old truck or classic car.

And here's another very important thing to keep in mind: don't hide your prized possession in your garage. Take it to shows, go to swap meets and take your chances at show prizes. You may win a simple trophy and you may also get some prize money. But make sure your truck is in show condition before you do that.

All of this is true all over the world. Movies are made everywhere these days and so are TV commercials. Classic car and old truck shows are common in almost every country and you can take advantage of that to make money with your truck.

Money? With classic trucks? Yep. It's possible mainly because nobody is making trucks like yours anymore.

Joseph A. Ceschin is a journalist with a long experience in the auto world. He publishes the website for people who love old trucks. And he owns a beautiful 1954 Chevy truck.

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The Wonderful World of ECU Tuning and Boost Display

In the olden days, car tuning mostly consisted of adjusting carburetors and ignition to keep the engine running optimally. You also had to keep an eye on the spark plugs and various engine fluids, and make sure to keep things lubricated. More serious tuning included performance car parts such as headers, exhausts or perhaps a bigger carburetor or engine.

These still play a role today, but almost everything else has changed. Computers control our cars now, and they have become the primary key to performance. Automotive computers, often called Electronic Control Units or ECUs, manage every aspect of a vehicles running and performance, from determining when exactly spark plugs should fire, to providing the data for the boost display of a turbo motor, all the way to luxury car tuning amenities such as turning lights on or off and adjusting rear view mirrors.

How do Electronic Control Units work? To begin with, they are both the same and very different from the desktop and notebook computers we use in our lives. They are the same insofar as they are computers with CPUs and memory and the programming needed to do a variety of tasks. They are different in that they have no displays or hard drives or keyboards. Most ECUs consist of a system board housed in a small metal box that's usually mounted either in the engine compartment or under the dash. ECUs are designed to do just one thing - running your car - and they do have to do that reliably and without fail for many years.

ECUs must boot up instantly when you turn on the ignition of your car; they must manage fueling, ignition, cams of an engine whose camshaft may rotate up to 9,000 times a minute; they must handle emission control and various other systems that require instant changes several times a second; they must monitor dozens of sensors located throughout the vehicle; and they must do all that in temperatures ranging from blazing hot to ice cold and while rattled around on bumpy road day after day, month after month. Given all that, you'd imagine that ECUs are totally closed systems, black boxes that you can neither adjust nor fix should they break down. Wrong. ECUs have become the focal point of engine tuning, both for domestics and imports.

If you look at any catalog for luxury performance car parts you'll find various products that affect the running of the ECU either via reprogrammed chips or circuitry that intercepts and modifies signals to and from the ECU. Be it Volkswagen parts, Audi parts, BMW parts, Mercedes parts or other luxury car parts, chances are that the performance tuning section includes ECU tuning products. What can ECU tuning do for your vehicle? Just about everything. If you add performance hardware such as headers, exhaust, a turbo, or a supercharger, ECU tuning makes sure that spark and cam timing and the air-fuel ratio are adjusted properly so you get optimal performance and reliability from your modified engine.

Depending on your modifications, ECU tuning may also include injection and boost display and control, changing rev limiters, launch control, automatic transmission shift points and torque converter settings, as well as monitoring various functions. Amazingly, unlike traditional modifications, ECU tuning can be undone within minutes. It is truly 21st century style tuning.

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Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies. For tips/information, click here: boost displayVisit Majon's Automotive directory.

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DIY Fuel Saver - Hydrogen Fuel Boost Kit

Alright, are you sick and tired of waiting on all these auto manufacturers to come up with a 100% water based vehicle? Are you looking for a diy fuel saver you can use now? We definitely are, which is why a hydrogen fuel boost kit is the best thing out there right now. Just the other day, the media was explaining how, by the end of 2008, the cost of gas will reach $5 a gallon. Is it a fear tactic? Possibly, but do you really want to test the waters when prices are already around $4 a gallon?

A hydrogen fuel boost kit utilizes HHO gas so you can save money on fuel. It has to be considered one of the great alternatives to hybrid cars as we speak. The only issue we've come across people having with this H20 conversion kit is having to assemble it themselves. Really? Why in the world would this be the reason you don't go out and start saving money? Seriously, if you happen to be one of those people who don't like to mess with cars just have someone else do it for you.
A DIY fuel saver is a great experiment to tinker around with and for those of you do-it-yourself -ers who love to work on cars, this will be an enjoyable experience. We have always suggested that once you have the h20 conversion kit hooked up properly, start keeping a journal. Write down your likes and dislikes or uncertainties. Over time the knowledge will be unmatched as others swarm to the water fuel saver innovation.

Listen, there are millions of people out there (including ourselves) who are not "mechanic savvy." However, around every corner is someone who not only has the time on their hands, but loves to work on cars. Even if you have someone else set it up for you, watching them will teach you many things. The hydrogen fuel boost kit will not only be easy to assemble, but the possible benefits from building multi- cell generators could be substantial.

Did you know testimonials for the h20 conversion kits are exclaiming to increase their gas mileage by over 200%? Sounds a little ridiculous right? Well, if you think about it, it really isn't after you understand how the fuel cell kits works. Since HHO gas is three times more potent then regular gasoline it can allow the vehicle to run longer without using up the gas in your tank.
To be quite frank, we love to talk about the water fuel saver systems because the benefits aren't only for you, but everyone around you. It helps global warming, the economy, oil dependency issues, and several other challenges our country has yet to overcome. Hopefully, by telling others we can get lots of folks out there to use a diy water fuel saver so we can all benefit. Only time will tell.

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Haden Freed is a prolific writer and master tinkerer - teetering on becoming a hypermiler.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Complete Your Mustangs Wheels With Center Caps

If you have already invested a large amount of money into a new set of custom wheels you want to make sure that you finish it off right with a nice set of center caps. Car enthusiasts look at every detail of a car. Do not spend a lot of money on your wheels and then not put a great set of center caps on your car just because you do not have the money or worse, you think nobody will notice. By doing that you should never even of purchased the wheels.

Center caps can be as unique or plain as you want. If you are doing restoration on a car then the stock caps are the way to go. The majority of car collectors want their cars to be as original as possible. If you do not care about that and its all about customizing then do the proper research on your car. Every Mustang will have different dimensions for its wheels and upgrading them will be easy. Many times you will see that the wheels you buy will come with a nice set of caps already.

Over the past fifteen years Ford has introduced a variety of very nice looking caps for the Mustang. The majority of them have the blue Ford logo and can be interchanged with a number of wheel sizes. The coolest center caps where put on the Mustang Cobra and Cobra R models. The snake head is truly a one of a kind logo. It does not matter what type of wheel you plan on putting them on they will make your wheel setup that much nicer. Ford produced a lot of these but you can also pick them up from aftermarket manufacturers. They come in black, red, blue, and silver colors.

If you like the classic Mustang look then I would suggest you look at the original Mustang design. It involves the MUstang in the background with the red, white, and blue horizintal stripes running through the center of the horse. Many of these will have the horse in a silver or white color with a black background.

The last avenue you can take would be to put spinner center caps on your wheels. Depending on how you want your car to look these look great on a wire wheel. Not that many Mustang owners put spinners on their cars because it does not have a performance look. If making you Mustang look different is the goal then you should pick up a set of those.

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Hho Gas Car Kit Conversion For Browns Gas Diy - Do It Yourself And Convert Your Car To Burn On Water Hydroxy

HHO gas car kits are the latest innovation to increase gas mileage, increase power and improve your car or trucks emissions. Your car will not be totally dependent on water but will be a hybrid of sorts by utilizing water as a catalyst once it is broken down to HHO also known as browns gas or hydroxy. By using HHO gas you could expect to see and increase in gas mileage of 20 - 50% some are claiming more. This is not new technology but is starting to get rediscovered as gas and diesel prices continue to increase and there is no end in sight.

You can find HHO gas car kits online for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They are worth every penny! The key here is that if you have a vehicle such as a truck, SUV or car and you would like to make your own HHO or browns gas kit for your car or truck there is a lot of information online on how to get started but to get a complete set of instruction or plans you will need to spend hours searching.

How is HHO gas utilized in your gas or diesel engine. When you convert your car to burn on water you are converting water to a gas that your vehicles engine can use whether it be a gas or diesel engine. Some even refer to this as hydrogen on demand or a hydrogen fuel cell. Through a process of electrolysis water that is in a sealed container under your hood is converted to hydroxy also known as browns gas or HHO gas. This gas is then introduced to the airflow in the intake manifold using your engines vacuum. This gas is then mixed with the gasoline providing better gas mileage.

The process is so amazingly simple and the parts to build the system can be found around home or in your shop. The homemade hydrogen generator or water fuel cell is easy to build. What you are looking at is a sealed quart size container, electrical wiring, baking soda, an automotive fuse and some vacuum hose. There is a handful of other parts but if you are wanting to make such a system it can be made for under $100 per vehicle! There is often plenty of room under most hoods to put a fuel cell or many for better efficiency. Larger engines may require or benefit more with extra cells. What is nice is it requires very little modification to your vehicle and can be removed within minutes and no one would even notice you had it installed. An HHO fuel saver should give you better gas mileage.

There are forums online that talk about HHO gas or browns gas technology as an alternative energy to reduce car emissions, increase gas mileage and improve power. HHO devices for cars are starting to get noticed. This technology has even been brought up in the news for improving gas mileage so there are people who are using it with success to increase gas mileage

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Asanti Wheels

The manufacture of Asanti Wheels owns a super high-end brand that caters to clientele that demand the best accessories for their vehicle. Many custom wheel manufacturers offer a variety of finishes such as chrome, polished, painted or a combination of all three, but Asanti takes finishes to a higher level.

With Asanti wheels, you can have virtually any finish you can imagine and then some. Choose from 5 different colors of Alligator skin. That's right, Alligator! And if that's not exclusive enough for you, how about five different colors of Ostrich skin? This is actual material applied to the surface of the wheel, but you can choose a "skin" etched into the actual metal spokes of the wheel! Choose from Zebra or Alligator patterns built directly into the face of the wheel for a jaw-dropping, neck-snapping look. Another option to go along with today's super luxury vehicles is a wood grain covered wheel! The possibilities are almost endless.

If you can imagine it, Asanti can build it for you. custom wheels right away it is the Audi Q7! With huge fender flares and a long, blocky body, the stock wheels on the Q7 resemble temporary spares rather than proper wheels. A set of 22 inch forged Asanti wheels will give the Q7 the proper stance a vehicle of its ilk deserves. Only then will the Teutonic truckster turn heads as it should! Whatever your choice of exotic or luxury car, Asanti can make it all the more desirable with a set of custom forged Asanti wheels in the finish of your choice!

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Lamborghini Doors

There are a number of vehicles that burn the roads world wide today. The designs and special add-ons made available by the car manufacturing industry world wide are amazing and nothing like their predecessors. Today, the car owners are also more indulgent and do not hesitate to spend lavishly on customizations and accessories for their beauties. However, it is very essential to keep certain things in mind while taking on or attempting car customization like:

* The vehicle make and design should be compatible with the attempted customization.
* The resource for primary information on the customization should be reliable.
* The quality and durability of the kit components should be looked into.

Among the different types of cars on the road today, there is no doubt about the style and design of the Lamborghini being among the best. The Lamborghini cars are what most vehicle enthusiast dreams are woven around. The cars are a lavish and most of the time a once in a life time investment. Lamborghini doors which are vertical doors are unique and exotic accessories. The performance crazy enthusiasts all over the world are enthralled with the vehicle's roadworthiness and the beauty of the vertical door design that makes the car stand apart in a crowd.

The dedicated Lamborghini doors open vertically, with a push on the door outward to open the door and then the vertical door is pushed up for that great and most mesmerizing 'Lamborghini' effect. The Lamborghini doors are expected to open outward first and then upward, when sued to customize cars with wider body designs. It hardly matters what car you own, customizing the beauty on wheels with Lamborghini doors makes the design even more versatile and composed. The Lamborghini doors are made to fit most applications and the special Lamborghini door kits are easily available. The Lamborghini doors offer the car of any make a lot of style and versatility. Customization with Lamborghini doors or Lambo Doors as they are also called is usually taken on by car enthusiasts who desire the sports car look. The line of Lamborghini doors or Lambo Doors available in the markets world wide today adhere to the quality and durability standards set within the industry. The doors enhance the overall look of any other vehicle and offer the owners real value for the money spent on the customization.

The demand for Lamborghini doors or vertical doors has increased a lot. There is a dedicated base of a number of online and offline resources that make the Lamborghini doors easily available to customers all around the world, taking care of the shipping costs too! The vertical Lamborghini doors swing to the designed and desired 90 degrees. The vertical door movement of the Lamborghini doors should be checked for optimum movement and quality, while investing in the same, especially online. You should verify the site and double check the authenticity of the products offered with previous customers of the Lamborghini door kit supplier. The vertical Lamborghini door kits are CAD/CAM designed and can be fitted on to any type of car.

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Why Hot Wheels Has Become A Collector's Item For Many Adults

Hot Wheels is a brand of die-cast toy cars that was launched in America by an American toy manufacturer named Mattel in the year 1968. A Die-cast toy is any toy or collectible item manufactured utilizing the die casting method. These toys are made using metal and plastic. The metal most commonly used is ZAMAK, which is an alloy of zinc and aluminum. Initially, these cars were designed to on a 1:64 scale and were used on Hot Wheels track sets. However, in 1970 a series of Hot Wheels cars were designed on a 1:43 scale. This new range of cars became adult collector series vehicles that were replicas of Formula One and NASCAR cars, which were extremely successful. The Hot Wheels logo was designed by Rick irons, a Californian Artist who worked with Mattel.

Elliot Hander, co-founder of Mattel, wanted to manufacture a range of die-cast toys for boys. He wanted to dominate the toy cars industry which was once upon a time dominated by Lesney, a British company with their Matchbox cars. Even though, Hander's executives thought it was an awful idea, the toy cars became a major success. In 1968, Mattel released nearly sixteen castings. Eleven cars were designed by Marry Bentley Bradley. The first one manufactured was an elegant dark blue Custom Camaro. In 1968, Hot Wheels introduced the custom-built Volkswagen, which was one their first cars. Some of the other cars they released in the same year were: Beatnik Bandit which was designed by Ed Roth, Custom Barracuda, Custom Camaro, Custom Corvette, Custom Cougar, Custom Eldorado, Custom Firebird, Custom Fleetside, Custom Mustang, Custom T-Bird, Custom Volkswagen which was designed by Ira Gilford, Deora, Ford J-Car, Hot Heap, Python which was designed by Dean Jefferies, and Silhouette. All these cars had colourful paint work, bearings, redline wheels, and working suspensions.
In 1969, Twin Mill was one of the most popular and accepted Hot Wheel cars. In 1970, the famous Sizzler, the rechargeable electronic car was made. In 1985, the Hot Wheels Torino Tornado was one of the most renowned cars. In 1995, the Hot Wheel cars were differentiated into specialized series i.e. the Model Series which was later renamed First Edition, and the Treasure Hunt Series. In 2000, a new range of Hot Wheel Cars came into the market. These cars had exquisite paint jobs, and functioned like their original counterparts.

Over the years, Hot Wheel cars have not only been collected by children, but it has become a collector's item for many adults too. There have been estimates that over 41 million children have collected Hot Wheels toys throughout their childhood years, and an average collector has over 1,550 cars to his collection. The Hot Wheel range of toys include many different kinds of tracks, accessories, different kinds of vehicles like the 'Sizzlers' the rechargeable electric cars, 'Hot Line' trains, 'R-R-Rumblers' motorcycles, and 'Hot Birds' aeroplanes, but they have always been most popular and well known for their collection of small scale free-rolling models of custom hot rods and muscles.

Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Aloy Wheels for Years. For More Information on Hot Wheels, Visit His Site at HOT WHEELS

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The Advantages To Having Custom Mustang Wheels From Other Styles

The wheels are the first custom parts one would love to fit on to a car. Regardless of how challenging the ride is we always prefer designer of customized wheels. The focal point of most cars, is rim and tire package and can make or break the look and overall effect of your ride. All the way through time, the street-rider wheels of choice have changed and evolved. In the early years, as affiliates of a custom car faction in the fifties, started out with some red-oxides and clean hubcaps. This was during an era when aftermarket rims were not available except for as options through car dealers. In recent years, the rider's rims have made a major impact on the multi million dollar automotive markets. The Mustang Wheels have evolved as a more superior tire having specialized features that have made driving an amazing experience.

There are several unspoken rules to the game of street racing; one would bet that a sharp set of wheels will set you on blaze. This was particularly true back in an era that underwent many changes to sustain the ongoing advancements in the automobile industries. The final rule would become the ultimate code for street riders, that rule is the fact that wheels should always be smaller and remain in close touch with the ground. This principle is a fundamental in the field of Hydraulics.

The point is that our rim and rubber have evolved throughout the years, and it's not so much impact on the car driver, but the car itself, one that waited to shed its everyday appearance and spread its wings amongst the racer community, and that becomes the star. The sports sedan which doubles as a family car is now a crystal crusted emperor who glides through the streets and punishes its rivals in competitions of honor and esteem.

With customizations available only through models of their own kind, the giants seeing the reception and demand for custom parts, they entered the market with a big bang providing freelancers with the style and quality.

McLean and Roadster were two of the first straight laced custom available on the wire wheels on the market. Though they were a great alternative to the original spokes, they were no match for the Dayton hubs, which emerged as the true king of the wire wheels. The elite mustang wheels of Ford are designed to satisfy the whims of the style conscious.

There are several advantages to having these custom Mustang wheels from over many other styles. There is a larger interior clearance for larger brake calipers and rotors in Mustang custom wheels in general. This feature allows the user to install high-performance braking with the greatest of ease. The GT4 wheel molds the style and substance into one solid piece of equipment. These new Mustang wheels are offered in a chrome or hyper-coated black finish and are all set to fit any 1994-2004 Ford Mustang or 2005+ Mustangs.

Not only that we will be able to fit those new performance brake calipers and rotors inside your new wheels, but we will be turning heads with a brand new design that is absolutely stunning.
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A Look At The Aftermarket Custom Truck Wheel Market

Trucks have always been used as heavy utility vehicles for hauling or work related jobs. Nowadays trucks are even bought by people who have no purposes of ever using them to haul or tow any loads. The flourishing truck market consisting of pickups, SUVs, and vans account for greater than a quarter of all new vehicles sold so there is also a high demand for the custom wheels for these vehicles.

Compared to other vehicles, trucks have a wide range of accessories that can be added to change their appearance or performance. They especially have a wide range of custom made wheels selections. In many cases the people don't make these changes for a functional reason, they just do it to satisfy their whims. There have been cases where a truck lifted over 8 inches, has large oversized tires, tow bar, fog Lights, etc, and has never been off the road!

Custom wheels give more than just an added appearance; they also give a better performance. Choosing the wrong wheels on the other hand affect your results in a undesired way and can even damage the vehicle. The good thing about the custom truck wheels is that due to their recognition we can find a wide assortment of wheels to fit any truck no matter if it is a Ford or a Nissan, Four Wheel Drive, or Two Wheel Drive. The aftermarket custom truck wheel market has a product for any truck whether be it foreign or domestic.

We can find truck wheels in any size we want. This does not only are you enhancing the appearance of your truck we are also increasing the performance and handling with the right tires and wheels so make sure we get the best fit for your truck.

Looking around we can see an increase in custom wheels used on trucks today. In the early 1900s trucks were used chiefly used by the local wholesale and retail deliveries. Today when we talk about trucks we mention about light trucks. Light trucks comprise of the pickup trucks, minivans and full-size vans, and sport utility vehicles. Twenty five percent or more of all new vehicles which are sold are light trucks.

Truck enthusiasts may like the European look in their truck wheels but these wheels are not up to the mark of the other trucks. Truck wheels are available in stainless steel, aluminum brushed, powdered coated, custom type and chrome. Their sizes vary from the diameter of 15 to 22 inches; there are even some that are larger than these. In choosing a truck wheel, we should judge the travel and loading requirements. Get truck wheels that will not be damaged by dampness so as to avoid rusting and deterioration.

Having reliable truck wheels is extremely important, whether the truck is a light or heavy one. You will notice that with good and reliable truck wheels, all your worries will be gone. These truck wheels also give a quicker steering response and reduced braking distance. A great set of truck wheels will also glamorize your vehicle.

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HHO Gas Car Modification

HHO gas based car system's are the latest breakthrough in terms of an environmentally friendly car modification which allows users to increase their mileage, save money on gasoline costs and drastically reduce car emissions. Such system's rely on HHO gas to assist combustion. These systems are surely going to revolutionise the way we look at fuel consumption and economy of cars.
We live in a fast paced world where rising gasoline prices are a major issue for consumers worldwide. The majority of US, Canadian, British and Australian citizens are heavily reliant on their car's and hence gasoline prices. Imagine becoming immune to rising gasoline prices and laughing in the faces of oil companies worldwide? Such HHO based technology can save the average US driver in excess of $1000 dollars a year in gasoline prices.
Using an HHO gas based car modification can increase mileage between 30% - 50%. The efficiency of your car's engine will be dramatically increased, which will make amazing increases of your mileage. Further to this your engine will run smoother and quieter. Not only will such technology increase mileage, but it will also improve performance and power of your car, and assist to prolong engine life.
How It Works
Now we are going to demonstrate how a HHO based gas system works. The technology does not interfere or damage your car's engine or computer system. Essentially you place a quart size container filled with distilled water and small amount of baking soda under the hood of your car. The system is powered by electricity (12 Volts) from the engine, creates a vacuum and produces HHO Gas. This gas is then pushed into the engines manifold or carburettor.
Using a water car system is not certainly part of the solution to rising gasoline prices. 100% water car's are something for the future, but currently a long way off being released to the public. Sure you can buy a hybrid car if you have the money, but it is not a viable option for your average Joe. Imagine being able to save money today, increase your car's mileage and help save our environment with the one basic system.
Want to learn more about the revolutionary water4gas system and how you can increase you mileage and save thousands of dollars a year? Please Visit:
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HHO Gas Car Modification

HHO gas based car system's are the latest breakthrough in terms of an environmentally friendly car modification which allows users to increase their mileage, save money on gasoline costs and drastically reduce car emissions. Such system's rely on HHO gas to assist combustion. These systems are surely going to revolutionise the way we look at fuel consumption and economy of cars.

We live in a fast paced world where rising gasoline prices are a major issue for consumers worldwide. The majority of US, Canadian, British and Australian citizens are heavily reliant on their car's and hence gasoline prices. Imagine becoming immune to rising gasoline prices and laughing in the faces of oil companies worldwide? Such HHO based technology can save the average US driver in excess of $1000 dollars a year in gasoline prices.

Using an HHO gas based car modification can increase mileage between 30% - 50%. The efficiency of your car's engine will be dramatically increased, which will make amazing increases of your mileage. Further to this your engine will run smoother and quieter. Not only will such technology increase mileage, but it will also improve performance and power of your car, and assist to prolong engine life.

How It Works
Now we are going to demonstrate how a HHO based gas system works. The technology does not interfere or damage your car's engine or computer system. Essentially you place a quart size container filled with distilled water and small amount of baking soda under the hood of your car. The system is powered by electricity (12 Volts) from the engine, creates a vacuum and produces HHO Gas. This gas is then pushed into the engines manifold or carburettor.

Using a water car system is not certainly part of the solution to rising gasoline prices. 100% water car's are something for the future, but currently a long way off being released to the public. Sure you can buy a hybrid car if you have the money, but it is not a viable option for your average Joe. Imagine being able to save money today, increase your car's mileage and help save our environment with the one basic system.

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Electric Vehicle Kits - Build Your Own Electric Car

With rising fuel costs, more and more people and are looking for alternatives. One such alternative that is gaining popularity, especially with the do-it yourself types, are the electric vehicle kits. Anyone familiar with automobiles can now use these kits to convert traditional gas powered vehicles to one powered by electric current.

However, converting a traditional Gas powered vehicle into an electric vehicle can be a very daunting task. Only those who are the very mechanically minded should try this. To convert the vehicle will require extensive modifications to nearly all-mechanical parts of the car. Everything from the engine to the radiator, heater and air-conditioning, to the gauges on the panel. On top of that, the electric cars have to be recharged on a regular basis, which means having to purchase or use the services of recharging station. Solar power could be another potential source of power for the electric vehicle.

Can any car be converted into an electric vehicle?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. Not all cars can be converted into an electric vehicle. However, and the most common electric vehicle kit seems to be the Chevy S-10 pick up kit. For examples to follow just do a search online for Chevy S-10 pickup Electric conversions. Other cars that are good candidates for conversion are the Chevy Geo, especially from 1989 to 1999. These cars are good potential candidates for an electric vehicle kit conversion. Cars similar to the Chevy Geo Metro, such as the Chevy Sprint, Pontiac Firefly and the Suzuki Swift are also ideal for conversions too.

Are there downsides to using an electric vehicle kit?
Going back a few years, many people associated electric powered vehicles with slowness and a lack of power. But as usual, thanks to technology, significant advances in the electric vehicle have changed all that. With these electric vehicle kits some cars can reach top speeds of between 70 and 75 mph. nonetheless, converting to electric power still has its drawbacks.

The biggest drawback it is of course the need for recharging the batteries. As an example, the Chevy Geo Metro kit must be recharged every 20 to 40 miles, depending on driving habits and battery quality. For city driving, this would be ideal. However, for lengthy commutes on the highway, this would not be ideal.

The Chevy S-10 with an electric vehicle kit installed will run a little longer on a single charge. On a single charge, the S-10 should last between 40 and 60 miles. Again this depends upon the driving habits as well as the size and quality of batteries. Some S-10 models can be equipped with solar powered panels which would in reduced in the need for charging, at least when driving during daylight hours.

Converting vehicles with electric vehicle kits is not a cheap affair. Most conversion kits seem to cost between $8000 to $10,000. And this does not even include professional installation as well as the cost of the batteries, not to mention access to or the purchase of a charging station.
Quite frankly, with the cost involved of using an electric vehicle kit, it probably wouldn’t be very practical for the average consumer, especially if they do a lot of highway driving. However, that being said, it probably would be ideal for a back yard mechanic who loves to tinker with cars and has a few bucks to throw around and wants to impress his beer-drinking buddies.

Kerry Ng is a successful Webmaster and publisher of The Hybrid Cars Blog. Click here for more great helpful information about Hybrid Cars:

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Best Car Care Makeover From The Detailing Experts

By spending a little time, effort and money one can easily prolong their cars life and also make it look its best. You can also cheat by taking your car to a detail shop and have it professionally cleaned, washed and waxed for over $100. Most of us can not afford to pay $100 every month for professional detailers, so here is what to do.

1) Thoroughly clean the car. First spray the car and get it wet. This will lubricate the dirt on the car and make it less likely to scratch the paint when you wash it off. Then, using car wash soap, wash the car one section at a time and then rinse. This will ensure the soap does not dry on the car and removes more dirt. Make sure you clean your tires and wheels also. Brake dust can be tough to remove. Use a clean towel to get in all the grooves. Let the car completely dry before proceeding to the polish or wax.

2) Use a car polish for good, lasting protection. Car polishes are polymer blends with out any wax and can last for a full year and dozens of car washes. Apply the polish in circular motions and let dry to a haze. Car polish is always in liquid form and is very easy to apply. Use a clean terry cloth for application. Apply only one section at a time. Use a clean towel then to buff dry the finish. It is a good idea to use 2 to 3 coats of car polish for maximum protection.

3) Follow up the car polish with a good car wax. Car wax is not as strong as car polish and must be reapplied more often, but it gives a much deeper and glossier shine and finish. When applied after car polish it even multiplies the shine and becomes almost unbelievable. Apply in the same fashion as the car polish. Car wax may come in a paste or liquid form. The paste is a little more difficult to use. Let it dry to a haze and then buff dry. For the best shine you have ever seen use 2 to 3 applications of wax on top of the 2 to 3 coats of car polish. This is a top trade secret detailers use to get that showroom shine on almost any car.

4) Do not forget to protect your tires and wheels. Tires can easily be brushed with some Armor All protectant and they will shine and look great. Wheels will be better protected with a polish or wax. The same car polish you used on your paint will work great and will last longer.
5) Do not neglect dings and dents. You can easily have a paintless dent removal company remove these and improve the appearance of your car. The average cost is $30 to $90 per ding or dent. Far less than a body shop would charge. Another good idea is to use a headlight cleaning and restoration kit like the ones professionals use to make ugly, cloudy and worn headlights look like new. This will save you from costly replacements, give you better night time driving safety, and just make your car look that much better.

6) Don't forget the interior. Vacuum it out and remove all the garbage from under your seats. You would not believe the amount of garbage that can accumulate in some peoples cars. Treat leather seats so they will not dry out and crack. This is as simple as a spray on and wipe off treatment you can find at Walmart.

7) Last, but not least, clean the glass inside and out. The glass is what you have to see through and if it is not clean you are not safe, it is that simple. Forget about how good it makes your car look to have perfectly clear windows. Just remember the fact that 50% of accidents resulting in serious injury are due to poor visibility and you will clean your windows more often than you do now.

There you have it, how to completely makeover your car inside and out. With a little time and proper car care your car will shine like never before.

David Maillie specializes in automotive safety products and information. He holds numerous patents and awards for his patented headlight cleaner and restorer. For more information, tips, safety and money saving products for your auto please visit: buy headlight restoration, headlight restorer and car care tips.

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Octane Boosters and the Truth Behind Them

Octane numbers are something we see every day and probably take for granted. We all know this is a rating means to measure a fuels resistance to pre-ignition, but how does that apply in a practical sense. Let's first assume you have a car that runs well on 91 octane. What could you gain by altering the fuel you fill up with. By going down to 87 octane you will achieve better mileage, but could risk detonation depending on your cars engine. By going up to 93 octane you might allow your car to advance the timing gaining horsepower. Due to lower BTUs per gallon you will give up a few miles per gallon. So right off you can see that it is a balancing act.

Looking closer at this, you notice that the extra horsepower comes from the ability of the car to advance timing and not the fuel itself. Higher octane fuel has less BTUs, but still nets power due to the timing advance and higher boost it can achieve. In modern vehicles with knock sensors the timing is constantly varied to achieve the best balance between performance and economy. Because this adjustment takes time, simply switch to higher octane at the track is not good enough. The fuel needs to be run in advance to allow the car to compensate for it. So using 91 all he time and then going to the track and filling up with 95 is not going to help your track times. You will have a faster car on the ride home though.

The other end of the spectrum is less octane. The down side here is the risk or pre-ignition and high EGTS. Both of these can lead to melted or bend pistons. Valves and the head is also placed in risk. If you have a modern vehicle it will detect this and retard timing to prevent damage. This timing modification is easy to detect with an OBDII scanner and it an easy to diagnose too fuel with too little octane.

Because of the above reasons, a lot of people turn to the boosters as a way of having both good fuel commonly and good performance at the track. The problem with them is most do not work. If you do find one what works, adding it to your tank a day before you go to the track can be beneficial. Despite the benefit, use boosters sparingly as most rely on MMT as a means of boosting the octane. Excessive MMT can cause problems with sensors, injectors, or even the exhaust.

By now you are probably confused again by what all of this means. To sum it up, if your car has no changes to compression, raised RPM limiter, or lots of boost, you should probably use whatever fuel the dealer recommends. If you have a race built motor, stick to a race fuel that meets the need of your engine. If you have a lightly tuned engine and enjoy the occasional track day, throw in a bottle of octane booster the day before and call it a day. Do not rely on boosters all of the time.
A review of several octane boosters can be found here:
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How To Choose The Right Formula Drifting Tires For Your Vehicle

Formula Drifting is a form of car racing in which the cars are allowed to skid as they are moving. The sport originated in Japan but has become quite popular in other countries, especially in the last few years. For example, since 2004, when the first event was held in the U.S., the race has developed a very large following. In fact, Formula D racing has as many fans as NASCAR racing does.

Subsequently, many tire manufacturers are taking notice and getting more involved in sponsoring Formula D drivers and cars. As a reward for their sponsorship, they get to market their special tires. This article will discuss some of the most popular manufacturers to distribute drifting tires for regular vehicles.

Nitto Tire
Nitto Tire is one of the most popular tire manufacturers to create Formula Drifting tires. They create tires for all kinds of vehicles and driving situations. This includes creating Formula D tires for racing vehicles as well as tires for traditional vehicles., (including cars, trucks and SUVs). Their most popular model is the NT 555 RII.

BF Goodrich Tire
BF Goodrich Tire is a very popular tire manufacturer in the United States. Just like Nitto Tires, BF Goodrich Tires creates tires for all types of vehicles. For racing vehicles the company's drifting tires offer the best support of other brands.

Maxxis Tires
Maxxis Tires is not a tire manufacturer that is as well-known for the average person. This is because the company focuses on making tires just for car racing, whether it's traditional racing or Formula Drifting racing. So, don't look into Maxxis Tires if you need a set of tires for your regular vehicle.

Bridgestone is the most popular manufacturer for Formula Drifting period. However, it should be noted that the company creates tires for both drift racing as well as other types of motor sports including supercross racing or monster truck racing. Bridgestone also creates tires for personal vehicles.

Other Lesser-Known Manufacturers
Several other lesser-known tire manufacturers also distribute Formula Drifting tires. Examples of these manufacturers include Dunlop Tires, Cooper Tires, Toyo Tires and Falken Tires. You can find more Formula D tire manufacturers by searching for them on Google or investigating what is said in automobile racing magazines.

In conclusion, the trend of drifting will allow many to have these types of tires on their own cars as well. However, individuals should know that they should not use them to race their cars illegally. Only a professional car racer knows how to race in the safest manner. And even then there are accidents, especially since Formula Drifting requires skidding the car, a practice that is much more dangerous than traditional racing. For the average person, drifting tires will help improve the traction ability of their car, which can help them in making a quick turn that could avoid a potential accident. But this should be the only purpose for Formula Drifting tires designed for personal use.

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Tough and Durable Replacement Land Rover Parts: Defying Severe Off-Road Conditions

Land Rover is an unbeatable name in the all-terrain utility vehicle market. This marque sports not only the toughest performance auto parts from Land Rover electrical parts to Land Rover fuel injection parts, Land Rover transmission parts, Land Rover suspension and Land Rover accessories; but rugged looks and excellent luxury features as well, being a part of the Premier Automotive Group of Ford.

Several Land Rover vehicles have made it to the top of the auto market through the years; the most popular is the Land Rover Discovery. This luxury SUV successfully vies in the auto industry's luxury off-road vehicle segment. Powered by a 4.0 L V8, and equipped with heavy duty Land Rover mechanical engine parts, and highly efficient Land Rover fuel system parts, there's no doubt this vehicle is ready to take you anywhere you desire.

Although less popular the than the Discovery, Land Rover's top model, the Range Rover still heads the Land Rover line of SUVs. It comes with a permanent 4WD and disc brakes all around. Land Rover Range Rover auto parts are made with the highest standards in order to meet the meticulous demands of the luxury market. Since this vehicle was launched in 1970, no other sport utility vehicle has equaled or surpassed the Range Rover in terms of luxurious features. With its technologically advanced interior Land Rover Parts, excellent safety features and impressive line of performance auto parts, it is by far the Best Luxury SUV in the market.
Best as it may seem to be, Land Rover SUVs are still subject to common car problems and its tried and tested Land Rover Parts, subject to wear and tear. Hence, proper and frequent maintenance is needed to keep its driving potentials intact. If some of your Rover Range Rover parts have been damaged, perhaps due to a collision, make sure to replace them with equally dependable Land Rover Parts and Range Rover Parts. Replacing your stock auto parts with high quality, tough and reliable replacement performance parts, aftermarket parts and auto accessories is the best way to ensure your safety and driving satisfaction.

Among the thousands of auto parts store online that offer OEM-quality parts, only one store affords the most comprehensive and the most dependable line of Land Rover Parts and Land Rover Body Parts, Land Rover Parts for Discovery and other Land Rover vehicles, Land Rover Parts and Car Parts. All parts offered in this store are guaranteed tough and durable and are designed to defy severe off-road driving conditions.

Knowing that only the most reliable auto parts can give you ultimate driving satisfaction, Land Rover Parts and Car Parts delivers only the finest Land Rover Parts and Rover Parts, Land Rover Parts for Discovery, Land Rover Range Rover Parts and Land Rover Defender Parts that meet your vehicle's specifications. The best way to prove these replacement parts' toughness and dependability is to take your SUV off-road. This Land Rover Parts and Rover Parts store is ready to take the challenge.

Carol Mitchel is an executive assistant in one of the leading automotive magazine in Los Angeles, California. She is a certified car lover and loves to takes challenge.

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What's the Hype About Chrome Wheels?

Anywhere you seem to look nowadays, there are customized cars and trucks and those pieces of jewelry holding the tires in place are custom rims. Usually dipped in chrome, sometimes in gold. These flashy wheels are probably where "Bling, Bling" originated. With NBA all stars such as Maurice Taylor, Lindsey Hunters and of course Shaquille O'Neal spending thousands to customize the Lincoln Navigators and Cadillac Escalade SUV truck it only seems natural that their fans would follow in the tracks and they have.

The power of celebrities
Not only have NBA stars taken to customizing their vehicles, but Hip Hop superstars like Nelly, Master P and P Diddy have taken to the bling bling world of aftermarket wheels. The hip hop mogul seems to have gone beyond customizing his rides with chrome rims, he now has teamed up with Weld wheels to produce his own line of custom, precision-forged aluminum rims. Weld wheels and P Diddy have a new line car and truck wheels specifically for sports trucks, luxury SUV's and high-end American- and German-made autos that are called "Sean John Wheels". Sean John dubs retail between $700 and $3,000 for each wheel.

Will all the publicity from celebrities chrome wheels have taken off in sales as in the last 10 years. With the money to be made in custom rims, more and more companies are springing up offering even more styles of wheels to choose from. Some of the most popular names include Foose wheels, Lexani, Giovanni and American Racing wheels to name only a handful of over 100 manufacturers. With so many manufacturers they try to push the envelope with their wheels designs adding beautiful shapes to their wheels. One company really took it to the next level by introducing spinning rims to the aftermarket world.

Spinning wheels
Latrell Sprewell is the pioneer of spinning wheel or "Spinners" as they have become know as. The rims spin because they use a high speed bearing. The specially sealed bearings are what creates the movement even after the vehicle has stopped moving. As cool as they sound, the price tag might make you look else where. A single Spinner can set you back up to $5,000. Even with the expensive cost these wheels are flying off of car accessory store shelves. And other wheel manufacturers have infiltrated the spinning wheel market. Names such as Dubspin, Oasis, Ultra Hot, Spintek, Spinpro, Davin and Excess all offer their own styles of chrome spinning wheels, ready to be installed on luxury SUV trucks.

How to save money when shopping for your aftermarket rims
If you don't want to spend a months wages on one chrome wheel but you still want that cool custom look what do you do? An alternative to the $5,000 spinner chrome wheel price tag is Spinweel spinners, which will run you about $300. Spinweel Spinners are add-ons to your custom chrome rims, they are designed to adapt to the wheels on your vehicle. Another way to find cheap prices for you budget minded car addicts is using the internet. You can save hundreds of dollars just by taking some time to compare the discount deals you can find online. Many online automotive merchants offer you wheels balanced and shipping all for free. Something to consider if you want the cool look without the expensive payment.

Richard Gazzo is a successful writer offering advice on where to buy cheap rims, custom weels including custom rims, chrome wheels, wire wheels, car rims, alloy wheels and more.

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