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Hho Gas Car Kit Conversion For Browns Gas Diy - Do It Yourself And Convert Your Car To Burn On Water Hydroxy

HHO gas car kits are the latest innovation to increase gas mileage, increase power and improve your car or trucks emissions. Your car will not be totally dependent on water but will be a hybrid of sorts by utilizing water as a catalyst once it is broken down to HHO also known as browns gas or hydroxy. By using HHO gas you could expect to see and increase in gas mileage of 20 - 50% some are claiming more. This is not new technology but is starting to get rediscovered as gas and diesel prices continue to increase and there is no end in sight.

You can find HHO gas car kits online for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They are worth every penny! The key here is that if you have a vehicle such as a truck, SUV or car and you would like to make your own HHO or browns gas kit for your car or truck there is a lot of information online on how to get started but to get a complete set of instruction or plans you will need to spend hours searching.

How is HHO gas utilized in your gas or diesel engine. When you convert your car to burn on water you are converting water to a gas that your vehicles engine can use whether it be a gas or diesel engine. Some even refer to this as hydrogen on demand or a hydrogen fuel cell. Through a process of electrolysis water that is in a sealed container under your hood is converted to hydroxy also known as browns gas or HHO gas. This gas is then introduced to the airflow in the intake manifold using your engines vacuum. This gas is then mixed with the gasoline providing better gas mileage.

The process is so amazingly simple and the parts to build the system can be found around home or in your shop. The homemade hydrogen generator or water fuel cell is easy to build. What you are looking at is a sealed quart size container, electrical wiring, baking soda, an automotive fuse and some vacuum hose. There is a handful of other parts but if you are wanting to make such a system it can be made for under $100 per vehicle! There is often plenty of room under most hoods to put a fuel cell or many for better efficiency. Larger engines may require or benefit more with extra cells. What is nice is it requires very little modification to your vehicle and can be removed within minutes and no one would even notice you had it installed. An HHO fuel saver should give you better gas mileage.

There are forums online that talk about HHO gas or browns gas technology as an alternative energy to reduce car emissions, increase gas mileage and improve power. HHO devices for cars are starting to get noticed. This technology has even been brought up in the news for improving gas mileage so there are people who are using it with success to increase gas mileage

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Asanti Wheels

The manufacture of Asanti Wheels owns a super high-end brand that caters to clientele that demand the best accessories for their vehicle. Many custom wheel manufacturers offer a variety of finishes such as chrome, polished, painted or a combination of all three, but Asanti takes finishes to a higher level.

With Asanti wheels, you can have virtually any finish you can imagine and then some. Choose from 5 different colors of Alligator skin. That's right, Alligator! And if that's not exclusive enough for you, how about five different colors of Ostrich skin? This is actual material applied to the surface of the wheel, but you can choose a "skin" etched into the actual metal spokes of the wheel! Choose from Zebra or Alligator patterns built directly into the face of the wheel for a jaw-dropping, neck-snapping look. Another option to go along with today's super luxury vehicles is a wood grain covered wheel! The possibilities are almost endless.

If you can imagine it, Asanti can build it for you. custom wheels right away it is the Audi Q7! With huge fender flares and a long, blocky body, the stock wheels on the Q7 resemble temporary spares rather than proper wheels. A set of 22 inch forged Asanti wheels will give the Q7 the proper stance a vehicle of its ilk deserves. Only then will the Teutonic truckster turn heads as it should! Whatever your choice of exotic or luxury car, Asanti can make it all the more desirable with a set of custom forged Asanti wheels in the finish of your choice!

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Lamborghini Doors

There are a number of vehicles that burn the roads world wide today. The designs and special add-ons made available by the car manufacturing industry world wide are amazing and nothing like their predecessors. Today, the car owners are also more indulgent and do not hesitate to spend lavishly on customizations and accessories for their beauties. However, it is very essential to keep certain things in mind while taking on or attempting car customization like:

* The vehicle make and design should be compatible with the attempted customization.
* The resource for primary information on the customization should be reliable.
* The quality and durability of the kit components should be looked into.

Among the different types of cars on the road today, there is no doubt about the style and design of the Lamborghini being among the best. The Lamborghini cars are what most vehicle enthusiast dreams are woven around. The cars are a lavish and most of the time a once in a life time investment. Lamborghini doors which are vertical doors are unique and exotic accessories. The performance crazy enthusiasts all over the world are enthralled with the vehicle's roadworthiness and the beauty of the vertical door design that makes the car stand apart in a crowd.

The dedicated Lamborghini doors open vertically, with a push on the door outward to open the door and then the vertical door is pushed up for that great and most mesmerizing 'Lamborghini' effect. The Lamborghini doors are expected to open outward first and then upward, when sued to customize cars with wider body designs. It hardly matters what car you own, customizing the beauty on wheels with Lamborghini doors makes the design even more versatile and composed. The Lamborghini doors are made to fit most applications and the special Lamborghini door kits are easily available. The Lamborghini doors offer the car of any make a lot of style and versatility. Customization with Lamborghini doors or Lambo Doors as they are also called is usually taken on by car enthusiasts who desire the sports car look. The line of Lamborghini doors or Lambo Doors available in the markets world wide today adhere to the quality and durability standards set within the industry. The doors enhance the overall look of any other vehicle and offer the owners real value for the money spent on the customization.

The demand for Lamborghini doors or vertical doors has increased a lot. There is a dedicated base of a number of online and offline resources that make the Lamborghini doors easily available to customers all around the world, taking care of the shipping costs too! The vertical Lamborghini doors swing to the designed and desired 90 degrees. The vertical door movement of the Lamborghini doors should be checked for optimum movement and quality, while investing in the same, especially online. You should verify the site and double check the authenticity of the products offered with previous customers of the Lamborghini door kit supplier. The vertical Lamborghini door kits are CAD/CAM designed and can be fitted on to any type of car.

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