Monday, February 13, 2006

Build Your Own Locost Sportscar

Definition of a LoCost:

Basically the Locost is a rear wheel drive, two seat roadster-style vehicle, utilising a TIG/MIG-welded tubular steel space frame, with fibre-glass and sheet metal body panels. The vehicle is powered by a Toyota 4A-GE 1600cc 4 cylinder engine, fitted with complete factory fuel injection engine management systems, and a Toyota T-50 5 speed gearbox. The rear axle is from a Cortina Mk2 and steering lower column and rack-and-pinion are supplied from a Ford Escort Mk2. Upper collapsable steering assembly is from a KE-35 Toyota Corolla.

The G.R.P. Body Panels and other items are supplied by Northshore Boats, 26 Sultan Way, Rous Head (North Fremantle, WA) Note: Northshore Boats may now be out of business (Jan 2000). GRP parts are being finished by Lucas Motors. Sheet Metal Body Panels will be computer cut my brother in law at a local sheet metal fabrication firm. The space frame and suspension arms will be welded by a Guru Welding, Cohn Street, Carlisle a commercial welding firm specialising in in auto and racing welding (the number of Racing Porsches that are always in being welded makes me wonder how much it is going to cost!).


Rob has a good website giving an overview of the building process of his LoCost car. It a real good one with detail pics on parts used in building his car. It is based on a "Locost" from Ron Champion's excellent book "How to build your own sports car for under 250.00"

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why Build Your Own Car?

Cars are not created equal. With so many brands to choose from and a wide array of models are released from the production line each year, yet custom cars or replica cars are a fad. Most Hobbyist are going for the build it yourself cars. Aside from cheaper in terms of cost in production, they enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction after months of painstaking and hardwork in finishing thier "obra maestra".
There's a lot of cars which are built from kits, recycled car parts and modified version of used car. Although the initial investment on the equipments is quite high, but the overall cost of production is very low when compared to commercial models.
Many companies are offering kit version of thier replica cars with models like Pontiac, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Humvee, Dodge Viper and many more. It includes a complete instruction manuals and complete set of parts and accessories. The procedureramges from simple match and weld to forming frames and forms which involves basic carpentry.
Others are relying on thier skills welding and automotive. They are building cars from scratch using new and recycled parts and materials. This method more difficult and the quality of the car is dependent on the adeptness of the maker.
Some just make modification on thier old cars and create a facelift on the car body design.
If you are one of the enthusiast and love to weld, sand, paint and mold try to visit these reccomended sites: