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Installing lift kits

If you are thinking of buying lift kits its important to understand first what it is. A lift kit is a vehicle modification that is used to lift either the suspension or the body. Installing lift kits will make the wheel wells of your vehicles to become higher so you can install bigger tires that are at least two sizes larger than stock. Currently there are two types of lift kits in the market, the body lifts and suspension lifts, each with their own advantage and disadvantage.

If you are in a tight budget you might want to consider body lifts. Body lift kit is inexpensive and made up of blocks and spacers. Offroaders does not usually prefer this kind of lift because it does not change or improve suspension or increase travel. Body lifts kit can increase the wheel wells so you can use larger tires but you might need to invest in raising the bumpers and other modifications to your car to accommodate the body lift.

On The other hand, suspension lift kit improves the clearance between the axles and ground as well as creates greater travel. By replacing the front and rear leaf springs and shocks the suspension lift kit can raise the suspension of your vehicle. If you also want to improve the articulation of your vehicle a good suspension lift kit is the right answer. Suspension lift kit will cost you a little more compare to body lift kit but you will surely love the results once you installed a suspension lift kit. Height, handling and ground clearance are some of the advantages of installing a suspension lift kit. There are lift kits as high as 18 inches but usually people prefer the 4-inch or 6-inch lift kits. Extreme lifts are not advisable because it can compromise safe handling and it is usually installed for showcase or hobbyist cars only.

Another thing to consider when you want to install lift kits is re-gearing. Installing lift kits and getting bigger tires will make your speedometer and odometer off. You can check the internet for ratio charts to give you an idea of what kind of gearing you will need for your vehicle. Re-gearing is important because it will keep the mileage of your vehicle as close to stock as possible.
Prices of lift kits vary from one manufacturer to another depending on the model and type of lift kit. Aside from the price of the lift kit you should also consider added cost for re-gearing, tires and modification cost to check if you are still on your budget. You can also try to talk first with your mechanic just to give you an idea of how much you will have to spend for the entire modification.

Before installing a lift kit you should always remember that the higher you raise your vehicle the less stable it will become specially in making sharp turns at high speeds. The recommended lift kit is 4 inches above this will make your vehicle less stable in sharp turns or lean more in banked turns such as freeway interchanges and off ramps. If you decide to install a higher suspension lift kit it is important to re-familiarize yourself with your vehicle because accidents can happen in split second such as avoiding an accident, debris or other reasons.

You might want to pay a mechanic or a trustworthy shop that specializes in 4x4 gears than installing it by yourself. There are a lot of shops out there that specializes in installing lift kits and other modifications. Do not forget to check with your dealership for warranty issues of your car before installing lift kits.

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Jeep Lift Kit for Suspension Miseries

All vehicles have to contend with road shocks. One way or another. This is pretty evident in the case of car models designed to handle the errant mass of rough terrains commonly attributed to off-road driving locations. Jeeps, in particular, number among vehicles that are most often subjected to such frightful indignities. How does road shocks figure into a driver's daily worries though? For drivers out there who know a thing or two about the ins and outs of the suspension system that lie under the hood of cars, road shocks happen to be its number one enemy. After all, the function of the suspension assembly is to reduce if not precisely eliminate, road shocks from the panoply of experiences one associates with the labor of driving.

However, there are instances when even the talents of the suspension system at hand is not enough and this entails a ride on the bumpy side for drivers unlucky enough to have their Jeeps succumb to such ills. An effective measure to take against these misfortunes is to have a Jeep Lift Kit handy. How will this ensure supremacy over the road shocks? Simple. The Jeep Lift Kit will improve the reception of the suspension system to the knocks and bumps. With a Lift Kit, the Jeep will be able to take on tracts that require steeper ascent, descent as well as breakover angles. In addition, the vehicle will be distinctly qualified to pull off higher ground clearance. All these are possible without the Jeep showing even the slightest sign of trouble.

These kits can also improve on the suspension structure in a manner that allows for bigger tires--which are great for off-road explorations--to be employed. Thus, bigger tires mean better chances at mobility. Jeep Lift Kits vary so consumers had better be on the look out for the right match for their vehicles when on a buying jaunt.

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Suspension Lifts Kits--Your Truck's Answer to Platform Shoes

Suspension lift kits have come along way since the days when desert rats modified their rigs with axle blocks and add-a-leafs. Today's suspension lift kits are so technically advanced that it takes an engineering degree to make any sense at all, and it continues to get more complex. Modern truck builders use complicated set ups to try and find the balance between ride quality and off-road performance.

The aftermarket suspension industry is the only place to start when looking to lift your truck. When the off-road scene took off few decades ago, folks began tinkering with their truck's suspension. A few entrepreneurs quickly caught on and as the industry grew, their businesses grew right along with it. These days suspension lift kits are big business.

Whether you wanna lift your rig for a cool look, better performance or towing big loads, the market has every option covered. You can spend a few bucks on some performance shocks and simple brackets to completely change your rig's height and look. You can also opt to ditch the stock springs and shocks altogether for a set of adjustable air bags. Or, if so inclined, you can go with something like a 15" body and suspension lift kit that requires an air-traffic controller to pull into your driveway.

In order to get a smooth road ride and improved handling for off-road use, you'll need to get a quality lift kit. All kits will give you more ground clearance, of course, with the increased wheel travel helping to smooth the trails. A quality kit will include performance shocks that not only rebuff bumps and ruts; they can do wonders for your on-road handling as well.

When serious off-roading is in order, a full-blown suspension lift kit is the only way to go. The most affordable kits lift both the front and rear of your rig between 2 and 6 inches. The better kits replace shocks and springs; and depending on how high you're going, they may replace steering knuckles or add differential spacers to maintain factory-like handling. Many lift kits don't require welding and can be installed in your driveway, but most manufacturers encourage you to seek a professional for the installation.

Whether you use your rig for work or play, a high-quality suspension lift kit lends a major change to your rig's altitude and attitude. Looks and performance are both seriously altered, hopefully for the better. There are a lot of kits and styles available, so careful consideration must be taken to meet your lift needs and stay within your budget. Luckily, an eager suspension industry is waiting to serve you.

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Suspension Systems...What's the Difference?

Just under that hood, we find our engines with different systems, the cooling system, transmission system, brake system, and many more other systems that helps run our vehicles. These systems are responsible for giving us a smooth ride, whether a car, an SUV or a truck you are driving - the most important of which is the suspension system. If your vehicle is installed with a high quality suspension system, every ride will be relaxing and safe. A standard suspension system is made up of coil springs, shock absorbers or struts, series of bars--traction bars, anti sway bars, and other linkages.

The coil spring is usually made up of an elastic material formed into a helix. They are coiled around the strut. They absorb the motion of the wheels by compressing and expanding. When coil springs become older, they sag and it reduces the ride height and ride comfort. In some cases, even new cars do not give you easy turning and cornering. It leaves you coil spring replacement as the best choice. Factory made Toyota coil springs, Honda coil springs, Mazda coil springs are engineered as a compromise between comfort and performance.

Though the coils springs constantly suppress the applied weight during a bounce, it cannot face the total impact of the bouncy ride. The shock absorbers reinforce them. It is a device that controls excessive spring motion. They lessen the impact of vibratory motions my distributing the kinetic energy. Shock absorbers are now sensitive to velocity. It offers more resistance to faster suspension moves. When your shock absorbers are not properly maintained and eventually are worn out, you need to get new ones. Faulty shock absorbers cause unnecessary bouncing, and swaying. Almost every brand of car offers their own shock absorbers for their vehicles and for other vehicle compatible to it.

The struts shares the work of the shock absorber, another work it does is that, compacts all other parts of the suspension system. These parts include the spring seats, steering knuckle, shock absorber and coil springs. Some signs of damaged struts are swaying, too much bouncing and bottoming out of tires. Quality struts are what you need when this problem arises. If you own a VW, new VW struts will work as good as the original one. With SUVs like the jeep, you need tougher struts and the jeep struts will suit you best.

For better launching, turning, braking and high speed stability, traction bars are added to the suspension system especially when your vehicle is a truck or an SUV. They have bigger tires and it create big torque loads. The traction bars' arc must be in line with the spring when it elongates during compression to prevent suspension bind. When choosing traction bars, you need to consider its geometry, strength of design and the material used. Lakewood Traction bars offers a great deal if your traction bars are already worn out.

Another bar, the anti-sway bar or the anti-roll bars also works with the struts and the shock absorbers. It is a metal rod that widens the entire axle and joins each side of the suspension. It creates a level ride by transferring movement from one wheel that goes up or down to the other. Suspension kits contain anti-sway bars and it is always ready for installment when something goes wrong. When your suspension system is properly maintained and if needs replacement are replaced with superior quality parts, your drive will always be of the highest quality of safety, performance and comfort.

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