Monday, September 29, 2008

Rat Rods- Cars and Trucks Transformed

This is a phrase that is being thrown and used mostly on classic cars and on e bay. It is a term that is used generally to describe hot rods. Better definitions of rat rods that can help you understand this term easily. Rat rods as per the purists consideration is that they are the segment of American cars that were pre-1949 and were finished in such a manner, to look like it has been fabricated by a 1940’s hot rod enthusiast. There is hardly any chrome work and the interiors are left as it is, with absence of body paint or flat black finish.

Although a general definition on which the people agree would be any well used looking American car or truck (mini vans not included). The best part about the rat rods is that you get your hands on the customization of the old car and bring on your imagination and skill to transform that old car of the pre-1949 era which most of the owners hold, considering its great value. You get a chance to share your skills with the experienced lot, who own such cars while you are transforming your own into a new one.

The creativity and skill that goes into transforming these automobiles not only develops a nice hobby but also a virtual way of living that can move around such kind of cars known as rat rods. The fun and information that one gets from customizing, and driving them onto the road, as well the companionship from others like themselves make a different lifestyle for one to enjoy life long.

If you want to be a part of such a great activity and enjoy the fun of customizing, driving such beautiful machines. You can get a lot of assistance from the World Wide Web; there are many online sites that offer different kinds of customization for your car. These sites have some great content on starting your car’s customization; you can even buy kits that help you customize your car in case you are new to this area. Such sites have specific feature to purchase you rat rod online if you want one at a certain price and even get it customized .Also, there are sections which let you know about the new parts and products launched recently for upgrading. All you need is to log on to one of these sites and enjoy the services offered by them, to create your own cool rat rod.

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Convert Your Headlights to Xenon Lights

When driving you may have noticed that many vehicles these days have much brighter headlights that the ones on your vehicle. These lights are called xenon lights. Xenon lights provide a reproduction of daylights natural spectrum so visibility of the road and what is in front of you seems much more like what you see during the day. Not only is this much easier on your eyes but it is much safer for the driver especially during hazardous conditions such as rain, fog, or snow. Xenon lights also last significantly longer than standard headlights with most having as much as ten times the lifespan. Another great benefit to xenon is although they provide you with more light they actually use less battery life than standard halogen lights. The lights are generally six to eight times more energy efficient providing you with less worry if your must use your headlights without your vehicle running or just generally care about putting less stress on your cars battery.

This newer lighting technology also makes your vehicle much more attractive and visible in the night hours. You may or may not be interested in making your vehicle having a better appeal but the safety shouldn't be considered a luxury when it comes to driving at night. When outside of a city, many vehicles do not provide the proper lighting to be able to detect foreign life or objects that obstruct the road which cause many fatal accidents every year. Almost everyone who drives at night would agree that they have experienced at least one close call that could have been prevented if they were given the brightness of day light.

Xenon lights generally come standard on higher end luxury vehicles such as Lexus, Mercedes, and BMWs. Fortunately, you don't need to spend over fifty thousand dollars to sport such a luxury. For fewer than two hundred dollars you can purchase high quality xenon light conversion kits that will generally will last the entire life of your vehicle.

Personally, I recommend that anyone that can afford to so should convert their vehicle using a xenon light conversion kit if their vehicle didn't initially come with them. The cost could easily be made up if compared to what your deductable would be in the unfortunate situation you were involved in an accident because of poor visibility. They are safer, easier on the eyes, energy efficient, and even make your vehicle much more appealing from an external view.

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