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Kit Cars

Kit Cars are cars that can be purchased in kit form and assembled at home. It is common for Kit Car enthusiasts to obtain their material from several "donor cars". There are a lot of Kit Car enthusiasts out there and people enter the Kit Car hobby for different reasons. Working with your hands and assembling something from the beginning can be extremely relaxing and riding in a car that you have built yourself is an indescribable experience. Kit Cars are however not for everyone, and if you know that you become frustrated by having to change your wind shield wipers a Kit Car might not be a wise idea.

Assembling a Kit Car can be a way of getting a cheaper car, but you should keep in mind that you will need a place to work in as well as the necessary tools. A lot of Kit Cars are assembled not primarily because they are cheaper than ordinary cars, but because a Kit Car can be made to suit your own particular needs and fill niches where it is hard to find ordinary cars. One of the most well known Kit Cars is for instance the Dune Buggy. The Dune Buggy is also known as Beach Buggy and Sand Rail. This Kit Car is not intended for high ways; it is a recreational vehicle that can be used on beaches and sand dunes where ordinary cars experience problems. The Dune Buggy is small and low-weight and has much larger wheels and tires than a normal car. The engine is mounted on an open chassis that is perfect for hot summer days at the beach. The Dune Buggy is usually constructed from older Volkswagen Beetles.

Kit Cars are also popular due to the possibility to create a car that resembles historic or contemporary cars. One of the most frequently replicated cars is the AC Cobra. The original AC Cobras was powerful and stylish Anglo-American sports car that was creating during the 1960s. In 1968, the last Roadster platform was produced which put an end to the AC Cobra since the AC Cobra was built on this platform. The public had however taken a liking to the potent and beautiful AC Cobra and Kit Car enthusiast started to build their own AC Cobras. Today, there exist more Kit Car AC Cobra cars than original AC Cobra cars. Some of these Kit Cars are exact replicas while others are only inspired by the original AC Cobra. Some replicas can even be said to be improved versions of the original AC Cobra, since the Kit Car builders can utilise the inventions and automobile engineering advances.

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The Kit car enables you to have the car of your dreams, You can for exampel use a Hummer kit to build your own hummer to cruise around the city and country in. You can also take your kit Hummer and modify it to create your own custom Hummer.

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Assemble Your Own Sports Car

If you want a racy looking car, but don't desire any of the current mainstream manufacturers cars, why not build your own? There is a large selection of sports self built cars, ranging from the uncomplicated Locost right up to Replicas of the Worlds top Supercars. This article tries to give you a taste of what you could be sat behind the wheel of if you choose to assemble it yourself.
So you have chosen to construct your own kit car, but where do you take the first step? I suggest that you check out a few models that take your fancy from a selection of manufacturers. Taking for example, a Countach replica, there are a wide range of build options as well as budget and skill requirements. So you will need to set a budget and look at your own capabilities before you make a final decision on a specific manufacturer.

Now, you may want to check out the manufacturers Owners Club. Many have websites or forums where you can chat to other builders or check out would-be difficulties you may have. If the kit manufacturer offers poor support or badly finished components, the forums are where you will find out!

Now you should have a shortlist of potential high performance car projects, a budget to work to and a reasonable idea of the mechanical skills you need. You should now pick a kit. In order to make a choice, I suggest that you go to the kit car shows or manufacturers open days and chat to other kit car builders. Remember, they have important experience in building your chosen model and can supply advice if you should get stuck with a particular problem.

Once you have placed your order for a kit, the work really begins. Even before the kit arrives, you should locate the cleanest, most mechanically sound donor car that you can. The better the donor, the better the finished kit car you will have. All required mechanical parts should be removed and cleaned as per the kit builders instructions. If you are not totally happy with the condition of a part then it should be thrown away and replaced. Don't take risks with your safety. It is a good idea at this stage to get insurance cover for your kit project.

For most kit cars, putting together the car is relatively stress-free. Any manufacturer that has sold more than a few kits will have a detailed manual detailing every phase, in the right order. If you have questions then ask the manufacturer, Owners Club or forums. You will be surprised at how helpful your fellow kit builders are. It is in the manufacturers own interests to assist you as much as they can, and many have dedicated helplines for this task. After all, when you drive the car, you will become a traveling advertisement for their product.

Now that you have assembled the car you will need to ensure that any testing and paperwork is in order before taking to the highway. Again, the manufacturer and Owners Club are the ideal people to put you straight.

When you drive your completed sports car on the road, you will feel a sense of pride as you drive a hand crafted car that you built yourself.

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Mark Heywood runs Premier Kit Cars, a website dedicated to helping enthusiasts select and put together their own high performance cars.

How To Build Your Own Sports Car

Cars have long since been held as a fascinating piece of engineering and the vehicle has come a long way since the invention of the wheel. Boys and to some extent girls are into playing with cars from a young age and for many this fascination goes on to become a hobby. Some collect, others learn to drive and drive as much as they can, yet others turn their driving passion towards racing and other car oriented sports. In the sporting arena we have the sports car enthusiasts who will do anything to be with their cars.

Another category is the sports car fan and drivers who have graduated to actual production of these cars. They will go on to build cars from scratch to resemble some of the most valuable and rare cars in the history of cars. These are called kit car owners who go the distance to make quality replicas of the original vehicle. Now the end product looks almost indistinguishable from the original. Take the famous Cobra - it has a lot of takers.

There is something to be said about getting the tool box out and building your own replicar. Some actually revel in the challenge that this hobby brings with it. You also get to create your dream car without spending a fortune on it. Replicars facilitate building your own car ground upwards using a kit body along with a common mainstream automotive base and other parts. In itself the world of replicars is a different world altogether which comprises builders and fans. They hold rallies and get togethers where there is a lot of interaction and a lot of ideas are exchanged and most tend to find parts that they need and another does not. Not only does this hobby encourage more socializing with like minded people it also brings with it a heady mix of people from different walks of life and one gets a chance to learn about different aspects of replicars and others' experiences.

A personally-built car means you have a very clear idea of your car's capability and limitations. So the success of your car depends on your ability to have understood what you have made and to use it to its optimum strength. Of course there is always the option of buying your favorite classic model and driving it around but to build a replicar and then use what you have put together is a feeling only true enthusiasts can understand. These classic cars models sure make heads turn and they come with interesting stories too. Replicar enthusiasts and kit car builders are the ones who really know what driving is all about as they are both the creators and the users.

About the Author
Jackson Porter is a staff writer at Automobile Enthusiast and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Environmental Central.
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Improve Your Ride With Eibach Pro Kits

What do you like most about driving down an empty highway? Seeing the sun rise? Punching the accelerator and gunning down the endless stretch of road? Rocking to the pulse of punk rock while you make a turn? These things, of course, are the common answers that come to mind, but we never for once think that there might be something else besides these that we take extreme pleasure in and that is comfort. Some of us take for granted the ease which we drive our cars in when in fact it is this comfort that allows us to enjoy the experience of driving in the first place.

Imagine driving a car that has a weak suspension system. You'd be bouncing in your seat every time there's a hump in the road and you'd find yourself cursing at the existence of potholes. It would be, suffice it to say, an incredibly rough and bumpy ride. That's what suspensions prevent from happening. It turns a potentially nightmarish experience into a smooth cruise. But of course, you shouldn't put all the weight on your suspensions. There are a number of suspension system upgrades that you can do so that your suspension system can operate with high level of precision and ease. Among these are pro kit systems. Auto pro kit additions most common to cars are lowering kits. Eibach Pro Kit is a prime example of this one. What do pro kits like Eibach Pro Kit do?

Kits like this lower your car, hence the term. Why is that such a good idea? What is the advantage of driving a lowered car than a car that depends on its factory suspensions? A number of things certainly but foremost is that of stability. It's the law of gravity at work, after all. A lowered car will be better at managing rocky road conditions than one that is higher simply because the center of gravity is lowered. This makes the car less resistant to tipping over or to spinning onto its back when an accident occurs. The car, in turn, becomes more stable. That's one advantage of ground-hugging cars. Having this feature perks up car performance since the car is now better equipped to handle turns on the road. You now have a better handle on all those curves you used to hate. In addition, because of these Eibach Pro Kits, sudden breaks in the middle of the street won't be a problem. Ever found yourself stepping on that break pedal while going 80 on the road because something leaped in front of your headlights? No more worries about taking an unprecedented nose dive into the dashboard. Your pro kits will serve to absorb the energy from the road and get rid of it without causing undue distress to your ride. Shorter and stiffer springs most often constitute lowering kits -we say shorter and stiffer than factory suspension springs, by way of comparison. So, for a smoother ride and enhanced handling, the easiest way to achieve them is to go for pro kits like Eibach Pro Kits.

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26-year-old Binky is a coach at a call center company, and discovered it wasn't for her. She has realized that her bank account is now adequate to pursue what she wants, which is photography. She plans to go on a photo-op and tour the Philippines.