Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Complete Your Mustangs Wheels With Center Caps

If you have already invested a large amount of money into a new set of custom wheels you want to make sure that you finish it off right with a nice set of center caps. Car enthusiasts look at every detail of a car. Do not spend a lot of money on your wheels and then not put a great set of center caps on your car just because you do not have the money or worse, you think nobody will notice. By doing that you should never even of purchased the wheels.

Center caps can be as unique or plain as you want. If you are doing restoration on a car then the stock caps are the way to go. The majority of car collectors want their cars to be as original as possible. If you do not care about that and its all about customizing then do the proper research on your car. Every Mustang will have different dimensions for its wheels and upgrading them will be easy. Many times you will see that the wheels you buy will come with a nice set of caps already.

Over the past fifteen years Ford has introduced a variety of very nice looking caps for the Mustang. The majority of them have the blue Ford logo and can be interchanged with a number of wheel sizes. The coolest center caps where put on the Mustang Cobra and Cobra R models. The snake head is truly a one of a kind logo. It does not matter what type of wheel you plan on putting them on they will make your wheel setup that much nicer. Ford produced a lot of these but you can also pick them up from aftermarket manufacturers. They come in black, red, blue, and silver colors.

If you like the classic Mustang look then I would suggest you look at the original Mustang design. It involves the MUstang in the background with the red, white, and blue horizintal stripes running through the center of the horse. Many of these will have the horse in a silver or white color with a black background.

The last avenue you can take would be to put spinner center caps on your wheels. Depending on how you want your car to look these look great on a wire wheel. Not that many Mustang owners put spinners on their cars because it does not have a performance look. If making you Mustang look different is the goal then you should pick up a set of those.

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