Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lift Kits - The Raised Truck Craze Gone Wild

There was a day when trucks were a working man’s vehicle and scratches were expected. Shells protected valuables and tonneau covers protected tools. Those days are over and truck enthusiasts are souping up their rides more than ever before. With the addition of popular movies featuring fancy cars and popular television shows that glorify plasma screens and ground shaking stereo systems, the custom truck rage is here to stay.

As a sign of manhood or personal taste, many truck owners decide to lift their rides for a performance altered appearance. Lift kits can actually be found online and can be installed on your truck in a do-it-yourself fashion. Some lift systems can be somewhat difficult to install, but after all, challenges are what get us men going and when we are determined, who knows what will happen.

The following bullet points are the benefits to installing a new suspension system with lift kit on your truck:



Increase in ground clearance

Looks that could make a grown man cry!

The sky’s the limit when you go high-profile with your truck or SUV! Lift Kits push ground clearance and aggressive looks to new heights, letting you conquer on or off-road obstacles with confidence. Lift Kit Manufacturers make custom parts that will fit your specific truck to a “T” to give you the look that you’ve been wanting. My lift kit was recently tested at an off road rally down near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and let me tell you - I didn’t get stuck in the dirt. Ground clearance was needed on the off road trails that we were on and the drool on my buddies faces proved that the style could easily make a grown man cry.

Andrew Bernhardt is a proud Ford F150 owner and an auto enthusiast. He is also a writer for AutoAnything, an online truck accessories supplier of lift kits, suspension systems and more for every vehicle and every lifestyle.
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