Thursday, February 01, 2007

Assemble Your Own Sports Car

If you want a racy looking car, but don't desire any of the current mainstream manufacturers cars, why not build your own? There is a large selection of sports self built cars, ranging from the uncomplicated Locost right up to Replicas of the Worlds top Supercars. This article tries to give you a taste of what you could be sat behind the wheel of if you choose to assemble it yourself.
So you have chosen to construct your own kit car, but where do you take the first step? I suggest that you check out a few models that take your fancy from a selection of manufacturers. Taking for example, a Countach replica, there are a wide range of build options as well as budget and skill requirements. So you will need to set a budget and look at your own capabilities before you make a final decision on a specific manufacturer.

Now, you may want to check out the manufacturers Owners Club. Many have websites or forums where you can chat to other builders or check out would-be difficulties you may have. If the kit manufacturer offers poor support or badly finished components, the forums are where you will find out!

Now you should have a shortlist of potential high performance car projects, a budget to work to and a reasonable idea of the mechanical skills you need. You should now pick a kit. In order to make a choice, I suggest that you go to the kit car shows or manufacturers open days and chat to other kit car builders. Remember, they have important experience in building your chosen model and can supply advice if you should get stuck with a particular problem.

Once you have placed your order for a kit, the work really begins. Even before the kit arrives, you should locate the cleanest, most mechanically sound donor car that you can. The better the donor, the better the finished kit car you will have. All required mechanical parts should be removed and cleaned as per the kit builders instructions. If you are not totally happy with the condition of a part then it should be thrown away and replaced. Don't take risks with your safety. It is a good idea at this stage to get insurance cover for your kit project.

For most kit cars, putting together the car is relatively stress-free. Any manufacturer that has sold more than a few kits will have a detailed manual detailing every phase, in the right order. If you have questions then ask the manufacturer, Owners Club or forums. You will be surprised at how helpful your fellow kit builders are. It is in the manufacturers own interests to assist you as much as they can, and many have dedicated helplines for this task. After all, when you drive the car, you will become a traveling advertisement for their product.

Now that you have assembled the car you will need to ensure that any testing and paperwork is in order before taking to the highway. Again, the manufacturer and Owners Club are the ideal people to put you straight.

When you drive your completed sports car on the road, you will feel a sense of pride as you drive a hand crafted car that you built yourself.

About the Author
Mark Heywood runs Premier Kit Cars, a website dedicated to helping enthusiasts select and put together their own high performance cars.

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