Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Suspension Systems...What's the Difference?

Just under that hood, we find our engines with different systems, the cooling system, transmission system, brake system, and many more other systems that helps run our vehicles. These systems are responsible for giving us a smooth ride, whether a car, an SUV or a truck you are driving - the most important of which is the suspension system. If your vehicle is installed with a high quality suspension system, every ride will be relaxing and safe. A standard suspension system is made up of coil springs, shock absorbers or struts, series of bars--traction bars, anti sway bars, and other linkages.

The coil spring is usually made up of an elastic material formed into a helix. They are coiled around the strut. They absorb the motion of the wheels by compressing and expanding. When coil springs become older, they sag and it reduces the ride height and ride comfort. In some cases, even new cars do not give you easy turning and cornering. It leaves you coil spring replacement as the best choice. Factory made Toyota coil springs, Honda coil springs, Mazda coil springs are engineered as a compromise between comfort and performance.

Though the coils springs constantly suppress the applied weight during a bounce, it cannot face the total impact of the bouncy ride. The shock absorbers reinforce them. It is a device that controls excessive spring motion. They lessen the impact of vibratory motions my distributing the kinetic energy. Shock absorbers are now sensitive to velocity. It offers more resistance to faster suspension moves. When your shock absorbers are not properly maintained and eventually are worn out, you need to get new ones. Faulty shock absorbers cause unnecessary bouncing, and swaying. Almost every brand of car offers their own shock absorbers for their vehicles and for other vehicle compatible to it.

The struts shares the work of the shock absorber, another work it does is that, compacts all other parts of the suspension system. These parts include the spring seats, steering knuckle, shock absorber and coil springs. Some signs of damaged struts are swaying, too much bouncing and bottoming out of tires. Quality struts are what you need when this problem arises. If you own a VW, new VW struts will work as good as the original one. With SUVs like the jeep, you need tougher struts and the jeep struts will suit you best.

For better launching, turning, braking and high speed stability, traction bars are added to the suspension system especially when your vehicle is a truck or an SUV. They have bigger tires and it create big torque loads. The traction bars' arc must be in line with the spring when it elongates during compression to prevent suspension bind. When choosing traction bars, you need to consider its geometry, strength of design and the material used. Lakewood Traction bars offers a great deal if your traction bars are already worn out.

Another bar, the anti-sway bar or the anti-roll bars also works with the struts and the shock absorbers. It is a metal rod that widens the entire axle and joins each side of the suspension. It creates a level ride by transferring movement from one wheel that goes up or down to the other. Suspension kits contain anti-sway bars and it is always ready for installment when something goes wrong. When your suspension system is properly maintained and if needs replacement are replaced with superior quality parts, your drive will always be of the highest quality of safety, performance and comfort.

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