Friday, March 07, 2008

Asanti Wheels

The manufacture of Asanti Wheels owns a super high-end brand that caters to clientele that demand the best accessories for their vehicle. Many custom wheel manufacturers offer a variety of finishes such as chrome, polished, painted or a combination of all three, but Asanti takes finishes to a higher level.

With Asanti wheels, you can have virtually any finish you can imagine and then some. Choose from 5 different colors of Alligator skin. That's right, Alligator! And if that's not exclusive enough for you, how about five different colors of Ostrich skin? This is actual material applied to the surface of the wheel, but you can choose a "skin" etched into the actual metal spokes of the wheel! Choose from Zebra or Alligator patterns built directly into the face of the wheel for a jaw-dropping, neck-snapping look. Another option to go along with today's super luxury vehicles is a wood grain covered wheel! The possibilities are almost endless.

If you can imagine it, Asanti can build it for you. custom wheels right away it is the Audi Q7! With huge fender flares and a long, blocky body, the stock wheels on the Q7 resemble temporary spares rather than proper wheels. A set of 22 inch forged Asanti wheels will give the Q7 the proper stance a vehicle of its ilk deserves. Only then will the Teutonic truckster turn heads as it should! Whatever your choice of exotic or luxury car, Asanti can make it all the more desirable with a set of custom forged Asanti wheels in the finish of your choice!

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